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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Micah!

Six years ago, Jay & I were blessed beyond words with you Micah.  Words cannot explain what happens in those first few moments, but I fell in love with you the moment I saw you.

And here we are six years later celebrating another blessed year of a healthy, vibrant, energetic, caring, compassionate little guy. While you are ¾ of my size already I find that every day I am challenged to love you more, be patient, grow so that I can teach you not to follow my mistakes or insecurities, but to be a young man that will follow God and change your world.

You have taught me quiet a bit. You’ve been a mirror that reflects much about mommy—and I am working it out to be the best for you, Samantha & Isaac. Either way I thank God that you have a relationship with Him, because I know that God’s grace and mercy will cover many things I have screwed up on.  

So here are a few things I believe you need to know as you enter this next year. Some things you’ll just have to trust me about and just do.

1)      Honor God in all you do. If you always use this as a compass you will never go wrong.  He desires to guide you through the big and small stuff.  As you learn what honors Him, you will learn that following and serving Him is truly life changing. 

2)      Remember it’s your responsibility to look out for your brother and sister.  As its their responsibility to look out for you. I’ve said it many times, but you being the firstborn wasn’t an accident… 

3)      Lead by example—being you is great enough & it’s okay if someone doesn’t like you. But you are the best you that can only be.  Learn to lead with a compassionate heart and eventually people will see it your way.  Sometimes this will be a lonely place, but remember you have your brother & sister who will always be by your side—you are a leader.  I see it in the way you negotiate playtime, game rules, getting gum, or with your brother and sister.  Its one of the things I love most about you. 

4)      Its okay to cry—life is filled with hurt & pain, and it’s okay to be moved to tears because of the pain you feel or the pain you see others in.  I hear that compassion in your voice, I see when you try to hold back the tears and I want you to know, you’re not a wussy for crying. It will make you a stronger and compassionate young man.  I am always here to hold you when you need to cry about your rough day or when you got hit in the face, it hurt, and couldn’t cry at school or on the baseball field.  

5)      You are great at sports—I remember the first time you caught a ball it was way earlier than other kids, seriously.  So push yourself hard and never rely solely on your natural ability to do the job, to be great you have to work hard! 

6)      Always tell the truth. You will always get into more trouble for lying to me and dad than telling the truth.  People often don’t like to hear the truth, but as you learn to communicate you will learn how to tell the truth in love.  There will be moments that lying or leaving information out may seem to be the best thing to do, but being honest will always pay off even if it doesn’t feel like it in that very moment.  

Know that the moment I set eyes on you, I loved you. Remember that despite what will ever happen I will love you.  Happy Birthday my silly beautiful boy! Thank you for calling me out, teaching me, and still snuggling with me! I love you all the time.


Thank you, CarlosWhittkar, for inspiring me to slow down and appreciate my children. 

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