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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

God made a decision and He decided to give you to me!

Book Review: Just in Case You Ever Wonder by Max Lucado & Toni Goffe

When I first read “Just in Case You Wonder” I was tearing up from the moment I started. As a parent it struck a chord deep within my soul.  I have always known that God has given me my three wonderful children, but to hear it from someone else seemed to deeply resonate.  The part that hit home for me was actually reading it to my kids.  Having them sit with me as I read that "the same hands that made the stars made you" was a profound moment for me.

After the initial aww I love this book factor, I reread the book from a “would I buy this book for others” perspective.  A few things stood out that made me that made my decision a bit of a hard one.  It reminded me of the kids book Love You Forever, which isn’t necessarily bad, but I wasn’t sure if the kids would be able to identify between the two books.  It also didn’t help that the illustrations were a bit dated in my perspective. I again read the book and felt like something was missing then I realized that it was like two books in one so in the end felt unfinished. Not sure if that makes total sense. However, it does hit home on all levels, God's love and His decision to put us where we are on purpose and with purpose. As a parent I am always here, even when things go wrong and in the end we will be with Jesus forever. Again, I am saying this from a review perspective.  I probably wouldn't have noticed this things if I was just giving the book as a gift.

Now here are my kids review, they are 5 ½, 3 ½, and 2….and have been graciously chosen to be in our family. 

Micah: “It was good, I liked the part about God choosing you.”
Samantha: “I liked it, but didnt like the scary picture of the monster"
Isaac: Didn’t have much to say. 

Either way I would recommend this book to friends to read with their children.  I loved the element of God choosing them to be in their family.  It will be a great one to read every night.


Thank you to Thomas Nelson Publishing &  BookSneeze® for providing me with a free copy of Just in Case You Ever Wonder

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  1. Looks like a good book! Thanks for posting this. How did you get a free copy? How might I?

    AJ Swoboda