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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

First Book Review: The Grace of God

Book Review:  The Grace of God by Andy Stanley

For those of you who know me know that I am not a reader.  But like most things in my life, I desire to read books endlessly.  Kind of ironic to me.
Anyways, along with the recent bookclub I have joined, I have become a part of a book review team (stop the laughing) and I am loving it. I had the enjoyable pleasure of reading “The Grace of God” by Andy Stanley.  I was for introduce to Andy at Catalyst 2009 (wow time has flown) and I have been intrigued ever since. 

This book was a very natural choice simply because it covered the one subject that my mind cannot fully comprehend, the grace of God.  Who doesn’t want a greater understanding of God’s grace? Andy Stanley does a fabulous job of gently guiding us and opening our eyes wide to see God’s grace in the lives of people before us, and the grace that is still available. For me it was a paradigm shift on some of my personal views towards God.  As any good Pastor, Andy Stanley, invites us on this journey of exploring the grace of God and I really didnt realize this until the end of the book.  He seamlessly opened my eyes to see how God's grace is manifesting in my own life.

As I read I often felt the deep of my gut wrench because I found myself identifying with the selfishness of humanity instead of facilitating God’s grace to others. He wanted justice. God insisted on mercy. He wanted judgment. God opted for compassion. Jonah’s theology was impeccable, but his application was completely one-sided.”  Wow.  I could quote after quote noting how Andy captures the grace of God so intimately and personally, but you should just read it yourself.  

For me The Grace of God is a must read for all! I am actually encouraging students who attend Luma to grab it, borrow it (must give it back because I’ll read it again), and read it.  

I will leave you with this…..we have all been Chosen, Surprised, Redeemed, Ruled, Rescued, Sustained, PUZZLED, Accepted, Reborn, Filled, Saved and Commissioned by Grace.  


Thank you to Thomas Nelson Publishing &  BookSneeze® for providing me with a free copy of The Grace of God

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