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Thursday, December 9, 2010

What will it take?

 Have you ever wondered what it was going to take?  What its going to take to make this year “the year”, what it’s going to take to be the ideal weight, what it’s going to take to use what you have, for the purpose you were designed for?  See I have this thing and it’s not the thing I have been looking for.  Its this thing that I don’t have a “thing” which I accelerate at.  I often feel like I’ve yet to identify the thing that makes me me.  If I honestly wrote the words and thoughts that have been crowded my mind at night—some might be mortified.  We have all had those thoughts that you can barely mutter to admit, even to those closest to you.  The intent and purpose of this isn’t to get people to encourage me and speak words simply to “pep me up” 
But I wonder what will it take?  When will I discover “my thing”?  As I read others blogs and see how people seemingly have found their “thing” I am left puzzled wondering…maybe my thing is not having a thing.  Huh, hard one to swallow.  What will it take for me to be beyond okay with not having a “thing” and being comfortable in my own skin…the tattered and already worn out skin.  

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