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Saturday, November 21, 2009

So the truth comes out!

After a long few months of postpartum depression I have figured out my triggers....PMS. It's amazing how much a womans body goes through to basically calibrate back to your "normal" self. But what is really is your normal self after 3 kids. Between motherhood, spousery (my new word), and trying to maintain some normalcy of self--the idea's I use to once hold as normal have quickly faded. Don't get me wrong as many times as I find myself wanting to rip out my hair at moments I wouldnt trade my four, two, or six month old in the old normal, but getting use to the new normal can be a challenge at times.

As I prepare for bed I prepare with an empty home. Well not completely empty my baby I is sleeping comfortably in our room. So here is to a good nights rest and many new"normal"challenges ahead.


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