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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

More than JUST a reason for this season

I am sitting here listening to “Oh the glory of it all” by the David Crowder Band and I am overwhelmed by the reality of what Christmas means.  It is more than a just a holiday—it’s in fact the greatest gift ever given.  Sounds so cliché because it has been so commercialized, but it’s the truth.  The glory of it all is that a redemptive Savior was born so that we will never be the same.   If we don’t stop to do more than just think of why we celebrate Christmas we miss the point.  

I have been beyond blessed by this song.  I have sung it before, many times actually; but this past Sunday our Youth band did it as a special during our Christmas service.  Since then I haven’t gotten it out of my head….”oh the glory of it all, He came here for the rescue of us all that we may live.”  As I sit I think about God’s redemption plan to save us not just from an eternity in hell but eternal separation from Him.

I encourage you not to lose sight the glory of this season.  It’s truly is a celebration of a new life that was born to be the Savior for us all.  He is not a distant God, but one whose love cannot be wrapped in a box, explained by the simplicity of our minds or ever fully understood.  By the truth is He is the ONLY True Living God—“Oh the glory of it all, everything has changed, we will never be the same” because of the gift of life given for us Jesus Christ.  More than just a reason for this season.

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  1. Beautiful reflection. Well-said, sis. Love you, Pastor Suzie Genin.