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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Your story

Everyone has a story. No one just ends up in life with no story. There are people who die without anyone by their side—they die alone—but they had a story.  There are babies born into this world with someone by their side only to be left within moments of being born—they are birthed by someone who has a story, these sweet babies will have a story of their own. There are successful people who have stories of success and failure. People who feel like at every turn their are fighting to keep their heads above water or are looking forward because the pain is the past is too painful to face.  In addition to all of this being true, I believe Jesus is a part of everyones story. I completely understand for some it’s in a context that may have a negative tone or of complete disbelief.  I know for others Jesus will be a part of their story with praise and testifying of His goodness.  Either way I have a deep passion stirring inside of me to hear peoples story.  Not to bring correction, defend, or even discuss theology but simply to hear your story and how Jesus is apart of your story.  So I am on a mission. My mission is to hear as many peoples stories as I can by the end of the year! I don’t have a number I just have a mission.  My hope is I can help you rediscover your strength or discover the joy in your story.  Maybe remind you that your story matters or simply come along side of you and celebrate your victories with you. 

Will you help me? I’m offering to buy you a meal or some coffee in exchange for your time.  I am looking for people who can and will meet me with me.  Maybe your part is simply to pass the word to someone in the area. Just short of a craigslist ad I don’t know how to start meeting people—other than the random people I’ve been approaching at Target, Sam’s Club and the nail salon. Spread the word, share my link, connect with me on FB or Twitter. 

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