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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday I-Guy!

Three years ago, it was two weeks until my due date.  As I began to feel the pain and pressure of labor I dismissed it as if it wasn’t in fact labor and merely pain.  I continued that Sunday like any other going to grab lunch at Taco Bell.  Within moments contractions increased and I realized sitting in the drive thru at Taco Bell you were coming that day.  Really your journey into this world was unplanned and I was certainly not prepared for what was to come and how my life was about to change.  The closest thing I had to a plan was thrown out the window—you had me giving all I had as you entered this world. 

Shortly after you were born, I hit one of the biggest hurdles to this day—postpartum depression.  You, your sister, brother, and your dad were my constants.  In fact the one thing I knew to do well was to be your mom.  As I mentioned you were a little unplanned on our end, yet perfectly planned in the will of God.
Your name means laughter and gift from God—that has proven to already be true. In these last three years those words have come to life through you.  While God is my Savior, you were one of my saving graces during one of the darkest time of my life.  You laugh and ability to make others laugh is adorably cute and very hard to correct most the time.  When I see you and the way you push all limits and lovingly respond, deflect the very thing you shouldn’t be doing with kisses and love—I melt and with that I have recognized and decided that you will be our world changer.  There is a tenacity in your eyes that is clearly unstoppable.  There is defiance in your voice when you say yes to my no and no to my yes that challenges me a as parent to shape and mold you into the man of God has created you to be and not squash the very good thing He already has going inside of you.  While my yes and no will stay the same I recognize that there is someone great inside of you. 

With that I strive to teach you these three simple things within this next year—these are the foundations to you becoming great.

1)      Honor God in all that you do.  It is the reason we were created to be in an honoring relationship with our Creator.  This begins now! You are not too young so I will continue to do my best to live it out as an example to you, but as you get older it will be a choice of your own.   

2)      It’s your responsibility to look out for your brother and sister, as it’s their reasonability to look out for you.  You may be the youngest, but that doesn’t disqualify you from speaking up and keeping your eye on them either.  He has given each one of you to each other, to love, care for, protect, have fun with, laugh and cry with.  This is a big one, but if each of you do your part—it won’t matter when one of you isn’t, because you will have learned how to go the extra mile for those you love.

3)      Continue to grow in who YOU are! While you will feel the need to compete with Micah or Samantha, remember there is only one Isaac! Trying to be like them will not work out in the end so grow confident in who God created you to be.  My relationship will look different with them compared to yours, but it is defined by the uniqueness of each child.  However, my love for who you are is unconditional which means it’s not defined by the things you do, say or accomplish but purely on who YOU are!

Words can never fully express how you can instantly fall in love with someone who doesn’t speak, but it has happened three times in my life.  Happy birthday to the greatest 3 year old I know! Thank you for all you have taught me without even trying, thank you for touching the world as you have already and I am honored to partner with your dad and God. Big things are “full steam ahead”. 

Remember, I love you all the time!


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